Accommodating two different height individuals

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A "reasonable accommodation" is any adjustment or modification to a job (or the way a job is done), employment practice, or work environment that makes it possible for a handicapped individual to perform the essential functions of the position involved[4] and to enjoy equal terms, conditions and benefits of employment.

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The employer may direct the employee to provide reasonable documentation from a health care provider of the existence of a handicap and the need for reasonable accommodation. An employer should examine its employment criteria to determine whether they actually measure abilities which are essential to the performance of the particular job for which applicants are being screened. An exception would exist if the employer has administered a test for the current use of illegal drugs and an applicant tests positive. In that case, the employer may ask about the use of legal drugs in order to seek an explanation for the positive test result. Prior to making a conditional job offer, the employer should have evaluated all relevant non-medical information.

Blind or have visual impairments; height-adjustable examination tables and lifting. people with various impairments including communication, and intellectual and. Policy # 2 Accommodations for Seniors and People with Disabilities.… continue reading »

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Apr 7, 2016. The Ultimate Guide to Home Accommodations for Persons with. Are cabinets and shelves throughout the home within easy reach from your height or ability. can set down packages, bags, or other objects while you unlock the door. There should be at least two feet of heat-resistant countertop next to.… continue reading »

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The following types of accommodations are defined as reasonable. Example An agency has two data processing clerks. Talking calculators for people with visual or reading disabilities;; Raised or adjustable-height desks for employees.… continue reading »

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Explains discrimination & legal requirements for accommodating persons with. or psychological disorders; normal deviations in height, weight, or strength; the. Frameworks for addressing these two types of claims are discussed below.… continue reading »

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Because accommodations are for individuals, they are individual in nature. on and off sidewalks, but they are routinely used by people for other purposes, such as. individualized accommodation solutions, two-thirds of accommodations cost less. to work in a lab designed to accommodate students at a standing height.… continue reading »

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