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05-Feb-2017 01:23

Yes, a far better place for KD to make it rain than the great Northwest. You may have to drive a while to get to one, but So Dak actually has the second most strip clubs per capita in the nation behind West Virginia.

Because, really, what goes better with horse racing than a trip to the strip club? Sadly, the bevvy of freeway billboards that beckon you to Wall Drug, the Corn Palace, and one of the most disappointingly small tourist attractions in the world won’t be directing you to any topless bars.

Although when you do come upon one, you'll enjoy a full bar with your half-naked women.

Honestly, they’d have cracked the top 10 if only full contact lap dances were allowed.

When you see where Washington State ends up on this list, it’s pretty much a no-brainer why an NBA franchise would relocate from Seattle to OKC.

This state’s got 55 clubs where topless women provide full-contact lap dances while patrons enjoy their favorite booze served from a full bar. But Kentucky has 56 clubs statewide where (at least outside of Louisville) private dances are perfectly fine.

Which might also explain why John Denver was in such a hurry to come home.

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Not only does WV have full liquor and full nudity, but they also boast full contact couch dances. Somehow the largest state west of the Mississippi not named Texas or California has a paltry 20 clubs statewide (although here are the best eight in Seattle).

Sure, that little corner next to DC has made this once-southern state officially part of the mid-Atlantic, but that’s why they should be split in two.