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To environmentalists and a cadre of hunters, anglers and equestrians, the forest desperately needs a long-term proactive plan to balance conservation, recreation and restoration.To the Patriots, many of whom were born and raised on timber and grass, the plot reeked of more government control.

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To them, coordination’s victories hold enormous appeal.

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The idea was to ask Congress to create a new national recreation area and expand existing wilderness areas.

“Forest management is very controversial, and if you get a diverse group of people agreeing on something, you’re kind of a fool not to do what they propose,” says Susan Jane Brown, a staff attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center.

“Collaboration does enough to keep the timber industry afloat, and it means the Forest Service doesn’t get sued anywhere near as much by people like me.” In Crook County, the Ochoco Forest Restoration Collaborative has worked to allow commercial thinning on thousands of acres and prescribed burns on thousands more acres.

Coordination has kept the Sonoran Desert tortoise off the endangered-species list, a move that preserved grazing rights for ranchers in the Southwest.

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Apr 25, 2014. for Private Rangelands in Harney County, Oregon. ODFW, allowing biologists to learn more about age, sex, reproductive success, and distribution. summarized, and completed prior to approval of the SSP, or a date for its. adult and juvenile sage-grouse especially brooding females and their young.… continue reading »

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Avenues for Oregon to reexamine policies related to trying youth as adults, specifically. Measure. Studies have demonstrated that youth who commit sex offenses reoffend. egon's justice policies up to date with the research. Remove. Harney. 3. 27%. 3. 27%. 1. 9%. 4. 36%. 11. 0%. 45%. Hood River. 3. 18%. 3. 18%. 9.… continue reading »

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