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Below, you'll find information about how to prepare samples for Ar-Ar and U-Th/He dating in the Lehigh noble-gas lab.If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to talk to Peter or Bruce.Be sure the hunk you bring back will fit in your crusher; if not, break the sample at the outcrop and bring extra pieces, so that any losses occur where you have the world's supply of your sample in front of you, and not after the hassles and costs of transport. Not all samples have to go the full route through heavy liquids, magnetic separator, etc.In general, your life will be much easier if you wash off any crushing dust and sieve away fine material.Generally, we expect all users to carry out their own mineral separations.We are happy to comment and advise on sample quality and purity.X-ray fluorescence may also be used to analyze the bulk chemistry of rock, mineral, and sediment samples.

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gravity surveys, to be applied and quality checked.They typically involve measuring the physical and chemical properties of the rock.Physical properties include density, elastic modulus, seismic velocities, porosity and permeability.Fine-grained samples are harder to get pure, are nasty to handle once irradiated, and potentially are more prone to recoil artifacts in the reactor.