Auto updating copyright year

09-Aug-2017 21:25

The ending date (2001) is dynamic, and will automatically increment as a new year comes.

An auto insurance policy declaration page, also referred to as the Dec page is a summary of a personal auto policy and will help answer the question: What is an auto insurance declarations page?

Since we do not charge the credit card until after your shipment is scheduled, there are no upfront fees.

Be very wary of companies that want to charge you something before they have an actual schedule in place.

The first payment, which we call the deposit, is charged to a credit card, which you provide at the time you place your car transport order.

There is an additional 0 fee per vehicle that we pass along to the carriers for this payment process.Overseas deliveries also have more specific requirements; see our Auto Shipping Tips for the best overseas shipping practices.First off, there are no upfront car transport cost when you book with EAS.This short little tutorial will show you how to keep your copyright dates up-to-date using either PHP or Javascript.

I've been doing this by manually typing the year, but every year, I need to update all. make the PPT auto-execute the macro. a copyright stamp in the.… continue reading »

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