Changesets and updating

19-Dec-2017 00:48

Thought Works has a deep history in all of these areas, so they seemed like an appropriate group of chapters for us to sponsor as a company. We’re getting technical reviews of the book, and have started getting the diagrams professionally designed.It’s awesome to see my crude attempts at diagrams turned into clean, slick images!Recently, the TFS team began the planning stages for a solution to a very old uservoice request to enable updating of a Code Review which should elegantly solve this problem by making Code Reviews have iterations. But there is also a way to keep the history with the second review. This workflow is described for changeset based reviews, but it works also for shelve based reviews.

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For instance, who should be clicking the check boxes next to files?But large clients who are being eaten alive by newer companies like Amazon (especially Amazon) also raise the concern that they are too big, too important, and work with too much money and sensitive customer data to risk working like a wild new startup.There’s an implication that the new generation of companies built on the Internet, and those who have successfully shifted into the new way of working, don’t have the heavy responsibilities of established companies, and so aren’t as rigorous in how they operate.We should have an early release available in the next few weeks, with a draft of the first three chapters of the book.

Ecto v2.2.10 Ecto. Changeset View Source. Changesets allow filtering, casting, validation and definition of constraints when manipulating structs.… continue reading »

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