Colombian women dating customs

23-Jun-2017 03:53

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So, you are a foreigner guy and you’d like to meet some Medellín women?The culture here in Medellín makes it quite different than what you’re maybe used to.Flip-flops are OK on the coast but not in Medellín if you want to meet Medellín women. why would they pay attention to you if you don’t pay attention to yourself?You don’t need a suit but get some jeans, as Medellín is not a beach you will have to work for it if you want to date a Medellín woman. Here are 11 Medellín dating tips: Everyday life is a great way to meet women in Medellín – in shops, malls, the streets, the metro, supermarkets, cafes, universities and many other places are all good ways to meet women.But meeting in person can be more difficult than online as you can’t hide behind a screen, it’s more ballsy, but this is real life (WYSIWYG for my developer friends).The arguments can also be more intense, but the relationship is rarely flat, boring, and life with a Latina can be charming and addictive.It’s probably what you look for too, this “alive” feeling when you’re with a Latina! And you can forget about the clichés that locals are falling for foreigners…

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This app is ubiquitous with Medellín women, almost all women have it.Because, Colombian women are there to dance, that’s what they do in nightclubs.Many don’t drink alcohol, and if you try to speak to them, asking them what they do in life etc., they won’t be much interested to chat with you as… Furthermore, women that go to nightclubs normally go in groups and there will typically be some Colombian men in these groups.For your convenience, I collected 11 Medellín dating tips to increase your chances to make a good impression with Medellín women, and also to avoid some frustrations during your first dates.