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14-Apr-2018 13:26

Too many of you are over-relying on SMV aspects in order to get girls. The problem is I’ve already factually shown that’s bullshit, both here and here.

You’ll tell me about problems you’re having meeting girls or first dates or online dating or whatever, and the first thing out of your mouth is that you need to make more money or get a better car. I also realize that male society has been focusing on SMV as the only mechanism to get girls for literally thousands of years, and that’s some pretty hard Societal Programming to shake.

When this happened, many women went into hysterics of course, since under the feminine model, it’s perfectly fine for women to have techniques to snag men, but it’s abusive and manipulative for men to have techniques to snag women.

I regularly get women on this blog saying exactly that whenever I cover specific dating or relationship techniques for men.

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Now that we’ve laid all that groundwork, I’ll get to my main point. As Western culture continues to collapse, the manosphere messaging about how “All the rich good-looking Alphas are taking all the girls” is intensifying.I’ve talked before about when I was dating the most amount of women; I was living in a shitty apartment, driving an eight-year-old car, and was about 50 pounds overweight.Granted, most of those women knew I was a businessman and I dressed pretty nice, but I never gave these women any money, nor took them out on fancy dinner dates, or ever implied that they would get these things from me.Men, on the other hand, really have not had a set of techniques for getting what they want from women (with one big exception I’ll get to in a minute).

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