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Hardy frames, close-knit limbs, fierce countenances, and a peculiarly vigorous courage, mark the tribe.For Germans, they have much intelligence and sagacity; they promote their picked men to power, and obey those whom they promote; they keep their ranks, note their opportunities, check their impulses, portion out the day, intrench themselves by night, regard fortune as a doubtful, valour as an unfailing, resource; and what is most unusual, and only given to systematic discipline, they rely more on the general than on the army.The first ancient writer to mention the Chatti is Strabo, some time after 16 , who includes the Chatti in a listing of conquered Germanic tribes who were more settled and agricultural, but also poorer, than the nomadic tribes in central and eastern Germania such as the Suebi.They were poor because they had fought the Romans, and had been defeated and plundered.Wenn du Schulfreunde finden möchtest, findest du Schulfreunde.Wenn du nach Personen aus deiner Firma suchst, findest du deine Kollegen wieder. Natürlich sind auch Vereine, Klubs, Künstler und Institutionen herzlich eingeladen.

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He did make note of the Suebi though, and suggested that they had previously driven out the Celts to the south of the region corresponding to modern north Hesse in the prior centuries If not, then the Chatti may represent a successful resistance to the Suevi, as opposed to the Tencteri, Usipetes, and Ubii who all were forced from homelands in the same region by the Suebic incursions.

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