Dating royal worcester back stamp marks

25-Jan-2017 16:37

Under the circle is written MADE IN ENGLAND or just ENGLAND.In some cases there are additional words stamped or superimposed onto the basic design.The backstamps of Type 5 coddlers all have the stylized script W in the center of the circle.The subtypes are distinguished by the words and placement of them in the backstamp design.

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There are twelve major types of RW coddlers, which will be designated with an Arabic numeral (Type 1 through Type 12).

There are variations of the major types that we will call sub-types.

Each unique subtype will be designated by an Arabic numeral followed by English alphabet letter. Note: The designation of "type" is entirely ours ...

In many cases, we may refer to a backstamp style by the type of coddler upon which it was seen.

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However, two types of coddler, or two sub-types of coddler, are distinguished from one another by the combination of backstamp impression, color of the backstamp, method of application of the backstamp to the coddler, material and spacing of the screw threads, and other discernable differences in manufacturing process or visual characteristic, other than the pattern.Type 2 backstamps have C51 in a circle topped by a crown.RW was founded in 1751, hence the significance of C51 in their backstamp motifs.Outside the circle appears ROYAL WORCESTER above and HOTEL CHINA below around the outside of the circle. The backstamp is dull green and is underneath the glaze. Type 8 coddlers have a backstamp that includes the stylized script W in a circle, with the words ROYAL WORCESTER above the circle, PORCELAIN beneath the circle, and MADE IN ENGLAND in smaller print below that.

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