Is benzino and karlie really dating

16-Nov-2017 12:23

I'm not sure it's any of her business but Mimi seems to like the song - probably because the song is a whine, moan and nag about Sleazy Stevie womanising ways - not forgetting the pregnant chick, too.Memphis Motor mouth K Michelle asks Mimi the vital question - “Is the counselling for this to be a relationship, or is the counselling for you to raise your child together, to co-parent?“If it’s somebody hot and relevant that’s gonna put you in a certain light—then maybe.” Karlie isn't listening to Malcolm and tells him that isn't right what he is saying and every girl needs love sometimes. Benzino is really hurt and tells her she needs to decide if it's about the her or the industry.

Over those two they don't match the rest of the show.

It's about Mimi's pain and Joselene getting pregnant.

She says it's about the situation Mimi has with Stevie J.

Looks like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s resident bachelor has landed a reality show.

Benzino will star is reality dating show ‘Sucker For Love’ to search for Miss Right.I'm not sure what Whiny Mimi whats to achieve by all this. He's a loverman unless it's horizontal fighting in bed! When asked about Joseline he pauses and says he loves her ... Is Joseline Sleazy J's sexual napalm - in the words of John Mayer? than Whiny Mimi will ever have unless Mimi gets some implants - go figure.Anyway Sleazy Stevie admits he is a liar and is a cheat. But what sums it for me is that he says he is not in love with Whiny Mimi though he wants her happy. He can't see to get enough of her and dribbles like a dog smacking and licking his lips everything she is near - even when they are fighting. Joseline's body is banging (even if very muscular and hard) and Stevie J just wants something new and exciting - not the constant nagging. Then they go into the therapy bull (I break it down at the bottom of the post) about abandonment issues but Stevie J's mother and Mimi by her mother too.After Karlie’s manager suggested that the budding singer stay clear of Benzino so she wouldn’t cast a negative shadow on her own career, ZNO teared up a bit.