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02-Sep-2018 05:15

“You have to keep talking and keep checking in.”Most people are already doing it, she adds: “They just don’t know that is what they are doing.”Explaining consent using simple concepts has become a social media phenomenon.

In a British-made video, sexual consent is compared to making someone a cup of tea.

Gilchrist and others dismiss the sometimes-heard complaint that the #Me Too movement means: “You can’t even hold hands without signing a contract first.”Sheehy characterizes that as a kind of backlash against the #Me Too movement.

Gilchrist addresses it head-on in workshops.“Probably when you hear the term consent, you think of walking up to someone else and saying ‘Hello, would you like to participate in sexual activity with me from this hour to this hour?

Their interest in the subject didn’t surprise Matt Schaaf, who ran the workshop.

Schaaf co-ordinates programs for men, including the junior hockey workshop, through the MANifest Change at the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women.“Young men want to talk about this.

Canada has “great legislation” around sexual assault, says Elizabeth Sheehy, Shirley Greenberg professor of women and the legal profession in the faculty of law at the University of Ottawa, “But we don’t have much else that is very positive.”Research by Holly Johnson, a criminology researcher at University of Ottawa, highlighted the barriers and attrition factors.

Compared with 460,000 sexual assaults reported to survey interviewers (in 2004), there were 1,519 sexual assault convictions (in 2006/2007).

We do not store any personal information on our servers.The true number of sexual assaults is likely much higher, and will never be known.IN-DEPTH: #Me Too divide: Millennial men and women differ over what is acceptable workplace behaviour A high “filtration” rate — meaning few cases of sex assault are reported to police in the first place and many of those that are reported are filtered out by police, prosecutors or the complainants themselves — means only a small fraction of perpetrators are ever held accountable by the justice system, said Sheehy.The website will display advertising banners, and those are not targeted.

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There is a hunger and an appetite.”The young hockey players are not the only ones anxious to talk about sex in the age of #Me Too.