Overprotective parents dating

25-Feb-2017 13:41

I certainly understand the desire to protect our children from harm, a desire that fathers feel just as strongly.

But I also understand from a daughter's point of view, and the natural downsides of a father who steps over the bounds of protecting to over protecting.

Unfortunately for the poor young man who eventually attracts her interest, the Overprotective Dad isn't going to be inclined to give him an inch — he will receive No Sympathy for any chaos that results from their courtship, and even the slightest or most obvious misunderstanding or misconception about the man will have the Overprotective Dad warning him to "stay away from her!

" On some occasions, it's obvious to everyone that the Overprotective Dad is merely using that as a (fairly weak) excuse to keep the suitor away from his baby girl. Depending on how this is played and how much you want to dissect it, this trope can carry all of the same problems as My Girl Is Not a Slut, and may imply that the woman in question is less an agent of her own destiny than her male relatives or, worse yet, that she's somehow their property.

Not giving a daughter a chance to take risks, like trying out for a new sport that scares her, or having a hard conversation with a friend, and doing all of the "dirty work" for her, only causes her to grow up without important risk taking qualities.

As a parent, one of the scariest thoughts is of your child getting hurt.

Note that applying this trope in Real Life is a very bad idea as it gives the message to teenagers that they don't get to control who's allowed to be intimate with them or have any agency over their own lives and other people are allowed make the decision for them — which often leads to them becoming involved in abusive relationships once they do finally get out from under their parent's immediate control.

The question overgeneralize - not all men are overprotective of their daughters, and not all men are any more protective about daughters than they are about sons.

one — the Overprotective Dad wants to protect his daughter from being exploited.If Adults Are Useless, then he'll probably just be comic relief as he huffs and puffs ineffectually. Gender Flips are less common; i.e., fathers more concerned about the girls/women their sons date.Otherwise, he may serve as a Parent ex Machina to deliver the message that you Can't Get Away with Nuthin' and ground his daughter at some point. This is due to the breaking down of female-on-male abuse and cougars (i.e.There's no downplaying the role of a father in his daughter's life.

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