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Visit Skara Brae, a 5,000-year-old village with remains of dwellings and return to Kirkwall to see 12th century St. Enjoy leisure time in the afternoon and evening to browse around the town and dine independently.(B)Ferry back to the mainland and head to Dunrobin Castle, dating to 1275 but renovated in the mid-1800s.With 189 rooms this is the largest mansion in northern Scotland. If your home currency is different to GBP you can still buy a CIE Tours holiday by paying in full with your credit card.The final cost will be predicted on the exchange rates applied by your credit card company.Stop for photos at Clava Cairns, a prehistoric burial place with a circle of standing stones that inspired the “Outlander” books.Return to Inverness with time to relax, shop or walk alongside the river.(B, D)Immerse yourself in farm life at a Cairngorm Mountains farm and watch as skilled dogs obey commands to round up sheep.Continue to Ullapool, an active fishing and ferry port built in 1788.(B, D)Admire the rugged mountains, coastline and vast areas of open land of the sparsely populated northernmost section of the Highlands.Learn about the Highland Clearances, a tragic period of history when many peasants were forced off the land and emigrated to the United States, Australia and other countries.

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Enjoy a welcome drink with your group before dinner.(D)Journey across a scenic Highland route and over the mountain pass of “Rest & Be Thankful.” Ferry to the Isle of Bute for stunning island scenery.

For any questions please call us at 08 or email [email protected] begins PM, Drymen hotel, located 20 miles (30 km) north of Glasgow.