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Luncheon–invite everyone in your workplace, school or friends and family to a grand lunch.

Make healthy sandwiches and nibbles Melbourne Cup day–hold a lunch, charge per head and give prizes for best hat or best dressed Movie night–ask for a donation and get friends together to watch a classic Name the baby competition–who's that baby, get old baby photos of your mates or—much better—your bosses or teachers.

The on-site donation tool lets them select a donation amount and pay right then and there!

You can place a giving kiosk towards the entrance of your church to encourage donors to use it when they enter or leave your sanctuary. Selling t-shirts is a popular fundraising idea because supporters will receive an item in return for their contribution.

Parishioners will set up a fundraising page (with your help! The great thing about peer-to-peer fundraising is that you can gain new supporters in the process!


With digital wallet technology, supporters can save their payment information (sometimes without even creating an account!

), which means that they can skip a step when they give in the future.

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Charge your friends to attend, and go all-out with the finger sandwiches and healthy snacks. People will donate more if youíre doing it in a public place—your embarrassment is always worth a donation University Challenge–get together with your old uni friends—and have a challenge! Alternatively, hold an anti-Valentine party Waxing boys–get your sports team involved and get sponsored to wax your legs or chest Wheel barrow races–see Games afternoon Xmas party–get out the mistletoe for a big Christmas party, or sell home-made gifts at a Christmas fair Yo Yo competition–get people to pay to enter; hand out small prizes for duration and tricks Yoga marathon–get sponsored to do yoga for a day.If you have a work-related charity drive and want to sponsor activities to raise funds, improve morale and entertain employees, here are some ideas.We’ve held these events where I work, and I volunteered to run most of them. Related blog posts: 9 More Super Fun Fundraising Ideas to Raise Big Bucks Super Fun Fundraising: Make Money with a 2017 Eclipse Fundraiser Fun Fundraiser: Container Garden Contest and Silent Auction Great Fundraising Idea: Community Yard Sale Super Fun Fundraising Idea Inspired by “The Donald” Super Fun Fundraising Compliment Event: Raise Money and Boost Morale ————————————————————————————————————————————— This entry was posted in carnival ideas, charity event, charity fundraising ideas, fundraising ideas, raising money for charity and tagged carnival fundraising ideas, carnival ideas, charity fundraiser ideas, charity fundraising ideas, fundraising ideas, raising money for charity. The more convenient the donation process, the more likely donors are to give. If your church isn’t using online donations, then it’s a good time to start.

With online donations, your church can raise funds in a way that’s convenient for the members of your congregation.Not only is it a quick way for parishioners to tithe, but it’s also a channel you can encourage them to use during live events (including your sermons! To start accepting text donations, you’ll need to find a text-to-give software provider and promote your new donation method to your congregation. Crowdfunding is when you raise money through social sharing.Your church can start a campaign with little to no upfront costs.who can throw a gold coin closest to the prize Crafts–if you have a talent, make something and sell it to others e.g.