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The primary focus is on the press gallery, where everything was monitored in real time.” “Not only were the communications of reporters compromised, so were the private communications of congressmen and their aides.

Listen to what I am saying,” he stressed, “the operation was much larger than anyone can imagine.

Something happened in January where there appeared to be another active wiretapping operation started, but this one appeared to be more focused, or more limited in scope.

Maybe, and I’m just guessing here based on some of the things I heard, that the Obama people had narrowed their interests based on the fruits of the previous operation.” Now the ‘Holder hammer’ is coming down on anyone who opens their mouth, or previously leaked any information that could have been or be detrimental to Obama.

“Just give it two weeks at most, it will come out that no one will talk to the media,” he added.

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“At the same time, on the media side, there is a ‘plumbers team’ headed out of Chicago, with a long reach to the New York and Washington press correspondents.“But let me give you some details about some things I was told too.I know this is second-hand information, but it was from someone in a position of authority to know, someone I trust, and someone who I expect to reveal to [name of elected official deleted] the true extent of what has and in some cases, still is taking place.As noted in my June 7, 2013 report titled DHS Insider: It’s about to get very ugly, the additional information provided to me that was temporarily withheld from publication is now being released.

The methodical and incremental release of information was (and is) deliberate, to allow other things to play out, such as the public exposure to the name Edward Snowden and his revelations regarding just how extensive the domestic surveillance apparatus is – and who the surveillance is actually targeting.Back to the early hours of June 7, 2013 “You’ve got to understand that they are trying to find the likes of me,” stated my source.Pretty soon, no one is going to be talking to anybody, especially in the alternative media, even about the damn weather.Recordings, actual voice recordings, were turned over to the Obama administration, along with transcripts of texts, other communications and contacts.” “NSA assets were used, with the NSA acting as the collection agency for their intermediate client, the DHS.