Who is zach gilford dating

09-Feb-2017 05:24

He leads the Dillon Panthers to victory while balancing a complicated family life.

His father is in Iraq, his mother is estranged, and his guardian suffers from dementia. You're totally out of your mind." Of course it works, because he's reacting to what we were doing.

To complicate matters further, he's dating the coach's daughter. It sets up what needs to happen in the scene, but we're really free to say whatever we want. So, now if something is going on, I'm not going to just ignore it.

In tonight's episode, that relationship heats up. On set, the director sits behind the camera and just yells stuff out like, "Say this! I'm not going to pretend someone doesn't have a booger hanging out of their nose. And that's where you get those good, true moments where it's like real life, because it almost is.

We found a magical, magical place to get married and I'm excited.

fans: the clean shaven Zach Gilford you came to know and love as quarterback of the Dillon Panthers will look just a little bit different when you see him next.

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The "Friday Night Lights" star, 30, tied the knot with "The Glades" actress Kiele Sanchez, 36, on Dec. In season two, when there was that interracial relationship between Smash and that other character, we'd always be like, "Smash, whatever happened to Waverly? Yeah, I would have liked to end up playing quarterback in all three seasons though. Waverly was cool." Our favorite joke is to point to Jesse and say, "Hey, do you know this guy murdered somebody? "In last week's episode, Matt Saracen gets benched and a hotshot freshman becomes QB-1. I always joke because in the first season they brought in Voodoo to try and get rid of me. It’s was a story of love and sorrow, of friends and family coming together, of joy, laughter and tears.