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A long shot I know but my mum Sgt Edith Cork was at Chicksands 1940 to about 1944. I have a picture of her with Vi Steventon, Nicki Adderley, Renee Holmes, Betty Hoyle in 1993. My brother ordered his service record so we can have correct dates. Her memory is failing her so I am trying to get anything I can for her. She can't remember her service number, she is very proud of the fact she was 16 and lied through her teeth when she had then to join up Thank you for your time Rhonda [email protected] R.

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I think we also went to Knebworth Park to see Pink Floyd.JC and Ann came to my wedding in 76, I cross trained, so did Mike, was stationed with Mike at RAF Fairford, he retired as a CMSGT!!!Last I saw him was in 2002 he was working in the Pentagon in manpower, retired and moved somewhere in VA. take care Bill [email protected] Kirkham (30/11/2017) Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.Go to Face Book for details at RAF CHICKSANDS 2018 REUNION "Return to Where it All Started" [email protected] Mills (29/7/17) I'm looking for John Garrett, who was station at Chicksands around 1973.

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If anyone has any information please can you email me or, pass on my email address to anybody that may be in contact with him.

He used to 1963 Austin Mini, which I bought from him in late 1966 or early 1967. Just curious if anyone remembers him and has any information on his status and current whereabouts. CMSgt [email protected] Machado Sogorka (19/11/2017) My ex-husband, Vaughan Machado, and I were at Chicksands from November 1966 through the fall, 1969.